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CoreTech realized that in order to maintain vision and strength in the technology competitive.

Collaboration between technical expertise and know-how must be uniquely merged. Especially software products and business needs are subject to ever- faster changes, thus CoreTech works in a targeted manner with pioneer know-how partners. Partners are chosen for their recognized expertise and commitment to deliver customers high quality data processing, services and solutions in a secure and reliable manner.
Strategic Realization
Medexa our innovative business partner and know-how provider is a multi regional multi branch third party administrators (TPA) with a capital exceeds us$3,000,000 offers a complete line of healthcare management services and solutions for the insurance and self-funded markets.

Medexa is specializes in applying advanced communication and information technology to improve healthcare management. That saves time, reduce paperwork and improve claims outcomes. Using the most sophisticated and detailed computer systems for swift services, to control malpractice, reduce abuse and to minimize cost.